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Aspirin: The Wonder Drug

September 5, 2009

Yes, Aspirin is a wonder drug. It has helped millions of people eliminate headaches and lower body temperatures due to fever for decades. The use of Aspirin in these instances is short term and is in keeping with its original intended use. For the past 2 decades however, doctors have been prescribing Aspirin as a long term therapy for patients that are at high risk of heart disease to lower their risk of the disease. This long term use of Aspirin is a departure from its original use and raises health issues due to how Aspirin works in the body.

Aspirin suppresses the production of hormone-like substances that are important for the healthy functioning of the organs of the body. Deprive the organs of these hormone-like substances and there is an increase in cellular damage with a corresponding increase in the production of cancer cells. This is not a good situation.

There is no question that the long term use of Aspirin is important for people with a high risk of heart disease. Aspirin has and will continue to prevent their premature death. However, due to the role of Aspirin having expanded to include its long term use to lower patients risk of heart disease, healthy lifestyle choices become an important adage to your daily routine. By combining healthy lifestyle choices with the long term use of Aspirin, you can mitigate the increased risk of cancer with a stronger immune system response.

By the way, there is another way to thin the blood without the use of Aspirin. Switch to more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, reduce your intake of red meat and dairy, and exercise on a regular basis and your blood will thin naturally.

…Jorge “George” Lugo


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